Sea excursions: Deepboard Undersea Tours

A local company that offers a new and different way to enjoy the attractions at the best beaches and landscapes of Bocas del Toro, mixing adventure and fun. Our tours are the mix of the perfect combination of activities with a leisure time on beaches with crystal clear waters, green landscapes, respecting and always taking care of the environment …



Tour # 1: Deepboard Tour Cayo Zapatilla.

Places you will see:  Island of the Sloths, Dolphin Bay, Cayo Coral, Cayo Zapatilla Beach and see beautiful starfish at Hollywood.


  • Snorkel gear and cooler
  • Snorkeling at Cayo Coral
  • Deepboarding at Cayo Zapatilla
  • Lunch at Cayo Zapatilla (Not included)
  • Enjoy the beach at Cayo Zapatilla
  • See starfish at Hollywood.
  • Guide and deepboard instructor

Cost: $ 35.00 per person
+ $ 10 additional ( we will include lunch, snacks, drinks like: beers, sodas )


Tour # 2: Deepboard Tour Starfish Beach

Places to see:
Boca del Drago beach, beautiful Starfish Beach and Bird Island  ( Minimum 6 people )


  • Snorkel gear and cooler
  • Snorkeling at Starfish Beach
  • Deepboard at Starfish Beach
  • Enjoy the beach for a while relaxing, unwinding…
  • See the beautiful starfish
  • Guide and Deepboard instructor

Cost: $ 30.00 per person